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    Law professors and JURIST special guests comment on legal issues in the news. For Forum op-eds from 2004 onwards, click here.

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    JURIST's guide to law and legal systems around the world.

  • Terrorism Law & Policy [2001-2002]
    JURIST's post-9/11 guide to emerging terrorism law and policy issues in the US and around the world, edited by Professor Bernard Hibbitts, University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
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  • Presidential Pardons [2001]
    JURIST's guide to the Clinton administration pardons scandal.
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  • Presidential Election Law [2000-2001]
    JURIST's guide to the 2000 presidential election recount. Edited by Dean Anthony Sutin, Appalachian University School of Law.
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  • Ab Initio - The Birth of a Law School [2000-01]
    The chronicle of a new law school, by David T. Link, former Dean of the University of Notre Dame Law School and founding Dean of the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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    Featured in the New York Times "Cyberlaw Journal" column , October 1, 1999.

  • Kosovo & Yugoslavia: Law in Crisis [1999]
    Featured in the New York Times' "Cyberlaw Journal" column, April 2, 1999.

  • Courts & Technology [1999-2001]
    JURIST court tech columnist Bradley Hillis discusses the ongoing impact of technological change on the judicial system.

  • Guide to Impeachment and Censure Materials Online [1998-99]
    Online guide to materials relevant to the Clinton impeachment process.
    USA Today Hot Site; Los Angeles Times Times Pick; WKBW-TV Wired Hotpot. Featured in the Wall Street Journal's "Technology Journal" column, October 15, 1998.

  • Lessons from the Web [1998-2003]
    Law professors discuss teaching and learning with Web technology. Edited by Professor Patrick Wiseman, GSU College of Law.

  • Books-on-Law [1998-2001]
    The Internet's first monthly law book review service, edited by Professor David Skover, Seattle University Law School, and Ronald K.L. Collins.
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 ACLU seeks preliminary injunction to reunite separated families
3:00 PM ET, May 25

 East Pittsburgh police officer charged with criminal homicide after shooting unarmed black teenager
3:00 PM ET, May 25

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