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Live from Baghdad...

Giovanni di Stefano [lawyer for Ali Hassan al-Majid, dubbed "Chemical Ali", Studio Legale Internazionale, Rome] provides exclusive video for JURIST from his current trip to Baghdad, including military protection on the bus from Baghdad International Airport to Baghdad Immigration Control, his trip by armoured vehicle to Camp Cropper to consult clients, and commentary on the situation in Iraq:

"When the President of the United States of America violates the Constitution, at that moment the President becomes constitutionally illegitimate and subject to impeachment. It is not only the war against Iraq that has violated the Constitution of the United States, but more so the 'war on terror' with all its consequences. Since the definition of war has its legal consequences and procedures the so called war on terror has failed its legal objectives. No formal declaration of war with its formal diplomatic protocols (note verbale) has been drafted, issued or delivered since "terror" is not a member state of the United Nations. It follows that by the actions of President Bush making a formal declaration of war against an unknown entity his actions must be deemed unconstitutional. Since the consequences of his actions and end result have burdoned an already overburdoned taxpayer and continue so to do without end, by virtue of his deeds and continued actions make him subject to impeachment. President Clinton faced impeachment proceeedings for far less. President Bush has violated, and continues so to do, the very heart of the United States of America: its Constitution. It follows that as a result of a declaration of war on an unknown entity, without beginning, middle or end and which is utilizing public funds from its citizens, those citizens are entitled to request his removal from office as well as facing both civil and criminal consequences."

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