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Legal news from Wednesday, September 22, 2004
21:09 EDT

The Oregon Supreme Court unanimously ruled Wednesday that independent candidate Ralph Nader will not be on the Oregon presidential ballot. In reversing a lower court decision that would have permitted his inclusion, the state's Supreme Court upheld Secretary of State Bill Bradbury's finding that Nader was 218 short of the [read more]

21:09 EDT

In Wednesday's environmental law news, the US Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to approve a $30 million plan to remove a system of dikes that separates the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge in northwest Washington State from the salty waters of Puget Sound, reviving nearly 700 acres of what used [read more]

21:09 EDT

As anticipated earlier on JURIST's Paper Chase, former Computer Associates CEO Sanjay Kumar has now been indicted on charges of securities fraud, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. A grand jury returned the indictment last Friday, but it was sealed until Wednesday when Computer Associates agreed to pay shareholders $225 million [read more]

20:09 EDT

A senior Justice Department official defended the PATRIOT Act before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday at the same time as two senators critical of the legislation, speedily passed after the September 11 attacks, promoted a bipartisan amending statute. Deputy Attorney General James Comey testified that the PATRIOT Act has provided [read more]

17:09 EDT

US Justice Department officials announced Wednesday afternoon that Yaser Hamdi - born an American citizen, raised in Saudi Arabia and captured in Afghanistan allegedly fighting for the Taliban in late 2001 - would shortly be sent to Saudi Arabia under an agreement made between him and the US government. Hamdi [read more]

16:09 EDT

The first members of the judicial panel formed by the US Defense Department to review findings of military commissions adjudicating terror cases have been sworn in at a Pentagon ceremony, the US military announced Wednesday. The Military Commission Review Panel includes former Carter Attorney General and former US Fifth Circuit [read more]

15:09 EDT

The same day an Afghan official announced the discharge of 11 Afghan detainees from US custody in Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan (as reported in JURIST's Paper Chase this morning and since confirmed in this Defense Department press release), the DOD has announced that an additional 10 Afghans have been brought [read more]

14:09 EDT

Two US soldiers have been charged with the premeditated murder of three Iraqi citizens, the US military said Wednesday. The two men, Sergeant Michael Williams and Specialist Brent May, are members of the 1st Cavalry Division, which has been operating in and around Baghdad. Williams has also been charged with [read more]

14:09 EDT

Russian officials arrested police captain Mikhail Artamonov on Wednesday in connection with the investigation surrounding the country's pair of plane bombings last month. Authorities had already arrested an airline ticket scalper and an airline employee who they believe aided two Chechen women in carrying bombs on board the planes. Under [read more]

14:09 EDT

In Wednesday's corporations and securities law news, Frank Quattrone, former investment banker at Credit Suisse First Boston, has asked a federal appeals court to let him stay out of prison while he appeals his conviction on obstruction-of-justice charges. Quattrone has been ordered to report to prison October 28 to begin [read more]

14:09 EDT

The lawyer for the 23 plaintiffs suing the Archdiocese of Miami over alleged sexual abuse announced Wednesday that the archdiocese has agreed to pay $3.4 million to settle the suits. The plaintiffs' attorney, Jeffrey Herman, called the settlements ranging from $75,000 to $500,000, "long overdue vindication and validation for the [read more]

13:09 EDT

The FCC Wednesday decided to fine each of the 20 CBS-owned television stations $27,500, the maximum statutory penalty for broadcast indecency. The total penalty comes to $550,000, and is the largest fine the FCC has levied against a television broadcaster. The FCC's has imposed larger fines, but those have been [read more]

13:09 EDT

Home mortgage giant Fannie Mae disclosed Wednesday that serious accounting problems have prompted an inquiry by the SEC into the company's financial soundness. On Monday, federal regulators submitted a report to the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, explaining that violations at Fannie Mae were "serious and raise doubts concerning [read more]

11:09 EDT

CBS News announced Wednesday that it has appointed an independent panel to review a controversial story run by the network about President Bush's service in the National Guard. The panel consists of former US Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and former AP executive Louis Boccardi. The network apologized earlier this week [read more]

11:09 EDT

Jury selection began Wednesday in the trial of a former Secret Service ink expert on perjury charges stemming from his testimony in the trial of Martha Stewart. Larry Stewart, who is not related to Martha Stewart, is charged with two counts of perjury for allegedly exaggerating his role in testing [read more]

10:09 EDT

An Afghan official said Wednesday that the US has released 11 detainees from Guantanamo Bay at the request of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The detainees join a growing number returned to their home countries, but these 11 are the first to be released at the request of the newly formed [read more]

10:09 EDT

A grand jury in Texas has indicted 3 top aides to US House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, eight corporations (including Sears and Craker Barrel) and a number of other individuals for allegedly making or receiving illegal campaign contributions in connection with a DeLay-linked political action committee used in the 2002 [read more]

10:09 EDT

The Department of Justice is expected to announce Wednesday a settlement with Computer Associates after months of investigation into an alleged $2.2 billion fraud by the company. The settlement is also expected to include a plea bargain with the company's former top counsel Steven Woghin, with criminal charges against other [read more]

09:09 EDT

Iran has reiterated its defiance of a resolution approved Saturday by the UN nuclear agency calling on the country to halt its nuclear development by announcing that it has continued steps toward manufacturing fuel for nuclear weapons or reactors. Iran's Atomic Energy Organization chief Gholamreza Aghazadeh made the announcement Tuesday [read more]

09:09 EDT

Wednesday's New York Times reports that three aides to House majority leader, Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas, were indicted in Texas Tuesday on charges that included raising illegal corporate contributions funneled to 2002 state candidates, protestors sprayed with pepper spray by police get their day in court in California, asserting [read more]

08:09 EDT

One day after news of the beheading of American hostage Jack Hensley, the Iraqi Justice Ministry said Wednesday that Rihab Rashid Taha will be released from American custody Thursday and that Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash may follow soon. The Abu Musab al-Zarqawi insurgent group had demanded the release of all [read more]

07:09 EDT

Here's a run-down of law-related events, expected developments and live webcasts on JURIST's docket for Wednesday, September 22nd.On Capitol Hill, the US Senate Judiciary committee will hold a hearing at 10 AM ET to examine counterterrorism legislation and proposals, including the USA PATRIOT Act [PDF] and the SAFE Act. The [read more]

06:09 EDT

In Wednesday's US law and business press, the ABA Journal reports on a Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals opinion regarding unlawful music "sampling".... The New York Law Journal reports on a NY district judge's ruling that DC Comics, owner of the "Superman" franchise, owns a valid trademark in "kryptonite" [read more]

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