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Legal news from Tuesday, October 5, 2004
21:10 EDT

The US House of Representatives voted Tuesday to break up the often-controversial Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals with a proposal that would leave just California and Hawaii while dividing the other seven western states in the current Ninth Circuit into two new courts. Rulings handed down by the court [read more]

20:10 EDT

Following up on an earlier report today in JURIST's Paper Chase, the United States late this afternoon vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution that would have ordered Israel to immediately end military operations in Gaza and withdraw its forces from the area. Eleven member nations of the council voted [read more]

19:10 EDT

In Tuesday's environmental law news, the USDA has released new security guidelines [PDF] for truck transporters of agricultural and food products. The guidelines, while voluntary, aim to increase national security and ensure public health through additional safety practices. The press release is here.In other environmental law news...The Los Angeles city [read more]

17:10 EDT

In Tuesday's corporations and securities law news, a PeopleSoft director indicates the company's board is prepared to negotiate a deal with Oracle Corp. in which the price of takeover would be above the current $7.7 billion offer. Read more about Oracle's hostile takeover bid of PeopleSoft here. AP has more. [read more]

16:10 EDT

Prosecutors dropped their Medicaid fraud case against former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman Tuesday after US District Court Judge U.W. Clemon ruled that there was insufficient evidence to support the conspiracy charge, the only charge outstanding. As reported yesterday on JURIST's Paper Chase, Judge Clemon had delayed jury selection so he [read more]

15:10 EDT

The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has ruled that the government can present photographs taken from former Orange County Superior Court Judge Ronald Kline's computers, which in effect revives its child pornography case against the judge. The Court overruled US District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall who [read more]

15:10 EDT

A Louisiana state judge in Baton Rouge has thrown out the state's constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. The amendment had been overwhelmingly approved by 78% of the voters on September 18. Judge William Morvant decided the amendment was flawed because the Louisiana state legislature gave it more than one purpose, [read more]

15:10 EDT

Larry Stewart, a US Secret Service ink expert on trial relating to charges that he falsely testified about his role in the Martha Stewart investigation, was found not guilty on Tuesday. Stewart, if he had been found guilty on the two perjury counts, could have been sent to prison for [read more]

14:10 EDT

White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales said in a letter to the Washington Post Tuesday that the Bush administration did not support a controversial provision in the House version (HR 10) of legislation implementing recommendations of the 9/11 Commission that could authorize US deportation of foreign nationals to countries where they [read more]

13:10 EDT

A former assistant treasurer with Enron Corp. is expected to reach a plea deal Tuesday with the government on conspiracy charges. Timoth Despain was expected to plead not guilty before a US magistrate judge this morning before pleading guilty before a US district judge later in the day. Although facing [read more]

13:10 EDT

The Federal Election Commission Tuesday sought a stay of a court ruling that struck down campaign-finance regulations that the FEC said were crucial in the month before the election. According to the FEC, confusion will result among candidates and campaigns if the current rules are not enforced until new rules [read more]

12:10 EDT

Following up on a story reported Monday on JURIST's Paper Chase, Cambodian lawmakers have now passed additional legislation further to their approval yesterday of a Cambodia-UN pact establishing a UN-supported tribunal to try former leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime for genocide and crimes against humanity. The new laws adopted [read more]

12:10 EDT

The European Court of Human Rights ruled Tuesday that the detention of an autistic British man in a UK hospital under common law violated his human rights. The detention of the man, identified only as HL, under English common law meant that he could be detained based on the recommendation [read more]

11:10 EDT

As expected, Oregon lawyer Brandon Mayfield has filed a lawsuit in federal court arguing that the federal government targeted him in the wake of the March Madrid train bombings because of his Muslim faith. Mayfield was arrested in connection with the bombings after being linked by the FBI to a [read more]

11:10 EDT

The European Commission (EU profile of Turkey here) is expected to publish its report on Turkey's bid for membership of the European Union sometime Wednesday. The report will review efforts made by Turkey to bring its political, legal, and human rights norms into compliance with EU standards and make [read more]

11:10 EDT

North Korea's state media said Tuesday that the North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004 (HR 4011), approved by the US House of Representatives Monday and now ready for President Bush's signature, shows that the US is "hell bent" on destroying North Korea and makes the six-party talks on ending [read more]

10:10 EDT

The two newest Canadian Supreme Court justices, Rosalie Abella and Louise Charron, have been sworn in to their posts, marking the first time in Canadian history that four women have sat on the bench of the country's highest court. Marking the occasion, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin said "I am proud [read more]

10:10 EDT

Saudi Arabia is continuing to delay the release of Yasser Esam Hamdi from US custody, saying that certain provisions of its agreement with the US to accept Hamdi may not be enforceable. As previously reported on JURIST's Paper Chase, the agreement will require Hamdi to renounce his US citizenship and [read more]

09:10 EDT

Arab nations are calling for a Tuesday vote on a proposed UN Security Council resolution on the situation in Gaza, saying that the recent Israeli incursion into Gaza demands urgency. The proposed resolution has been met with opposition from the US for its lack of balance by focusing only on [read more]

08:10 EDT

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has asked for access to migrants landing illegally in Italy so that the agency can ensure that genuine refugees are not being expelled along with illegal migrants. As previously reported on JURIST's Paper Chase, Italy began turning away illegal immigrants arriving from North Africa [read more]

08:10 EDT

An Italian judge ruled Tuesday that two former Grant Thornton auditors of Parmalat will stand trial on false accounting and market rigging charges for their role in the Italian dairy company's collapse. Judge Cesare Tacconi's ruling came at the start of hearings on whether 32 individuals and companies accused of [read more]

05:10 EDT

Here's a run-down of law-related events, expected developments and live webcasts on JURIST's docket for Tuesday, October 5.The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments today on whether Louisiana's rule barring foreigners from taking the state bar exam violates the Constitution. AP has more.On Capitol Hill, the [read more]

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