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Legal news from Tuesday, December 14, 2004
20:12 EDT

[JURIST] A US Navy document [PDF] obtained by the ACLU under the Freedom of Information Act and made public Tuesday along with other records details 10 new and "substantiated" incidents of Iraqi prisoner abuse by US Marines, including one where Marines fired a pistol in a mock execution of four [read more]

18:12 EDT

[JURIST] A military judge sitting at Fort Hood, Texas, Tuesday approved a request by attorneys for 1st Lt. Jack M. Saville to exhume the body of an Iraqi civilian, 19-year-old Zaidoun Hassoun, who is alleged to have drowned in January 2004 when US troops forced him into the Tigris River. [read more]

15:12 EDT

[JURIST] Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir (official profile on the Sudan's government website) asked the Sudanese National Assembly Tuesday to extend for a year the state of emergency currently in effect in Sudan. The present emergency declaration is set to terminate December 31. A state of emergency limits the democratic rights [read more]

14:12 EDT

[JURIST] The Venezuelan National Assembly (official site in Spanish) Tuesday approved the appointment of 5 replacement judges and 12 new judges to the nation's Supreme Court (official site in Spanish). Opposition members who lacked the votes to block the appointments stormed out of the session. The expansion was authorized by [read more]

14:12 EDT

[JURIST] A Maryland judge has struck down as unconstitutional Maryland's 2002 Commercial Electronic Mail Act [PDF], the first state law to punish senders of junk e-mail, commonly known as spam. Judge Durke G. Thompson of the Montgomery County Circuit Court dismissed a case brought against a New York e-mail distribution [read more]

13:12 EDT

[JURIST] KGW-TV is reporting that the Washington state Supreme Court has rejected a bid by state Democrats (read the complaint here [PDF]) to include previously rejected absentee and provisional ballots in the hand recount of votes in the WA state governor's race.1:13 PM ET - In a brief opinion authored [read more]

11:12 EDT

[JURIST] The US Military Combatant Status Review Tribunal has said that 13 more detainees at Guantanamo Bay are properly being held as "enemy combatants." The US government has taken the position that prisoners classified as enemy combatants are not entitled to the same legal protections as prisoners of war under [read more]

11:12 EDT

[JURIST] Tyco International said Tuesday that the Securities and Exchange Commission has ordered the company to turn over information on its involvement in the UN Oil-for Food program in Iraq. Tyco said the SEC wants information on its participation, "if any," in the UN program, which is the subject of [read more]

11:12 EDT

[JURIST] The French Council of State, France's highest civil court, has banned the broadcast of Lebanese satellite channel Al-Manar due to the Hezbollah-linked station's airing of militant and anti-Semitic statements. French broadcast regulator CSA granted Al-Manar a license in November on the condition that the station respect French laws against [read more]

10:12 EDT

[JURIST] Former Bosnian Croat soldier Miroslav Bralo pleaded not guilty Tuesday to war crimes charges at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at The Hague. Bralo faces nine counts of grave breaches of the Geneva conventions and 12 counts of violating the laws and customs of war for [read more]

10:12 EDT

[JURIST] The US Justice Department has asked a judge to enter a $2.53 billion judgment against Adelphia Communications founder John Rigas and his son Timothy Rigas, also Adelphia's former CFO, according to a report [subscription required] in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal. The DOJ says that if it receives the judgment, [read more]

09:12 EDT

[JURIST] The American Civil Liberties Union will file a federal suit Tuesday against a Pennsylvania school district for requiring that ninth-grade biology students be instructed in "intelligent design" as an alternative to the theory of evolution. "Intelligent design" suggests that the universe is so complex that it must have been [read more]

09:12 EDT

[JURIST] A panel of High Court judges in London Tuesday allowed an appeal by the fanily of an Iraqi man against the UK government's refusal to allow a judicial inquiry into his alleged killing by British troops. Lawyers for Baha Mousa, a 28-year old hotel receptionist in Basra, say that [read more]

08:12 EDT

[JURIST] A Chilean appeals court Monday temporarily suspended Judge Juan Guzman's house arrest order for 89-year old General Ausgusto Pinochet just hours after Guzman had made it in connection with his indictment of the former Chilean president on human rights charges. Pinochet is being investigated in connection with the connection [read more]

07:12 EDT

[JURIST] AP is reporting that trials of the "symbols of Iraq's regime" will begin next week, according to Iraq interim prime minister Iyad Allawi. Iraq Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said Monday while on a visit to the Vatican that Saddam Hussein himself would go on trial for crimes against humanity [read more]

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